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Welcome to the website of the International Farming Systems Association - Europe Group. This website is primarily a repository of the proceedings of various European IFSA symposia, ensuring that the full-text of the presented papers are widely accessible. You can search the website using the search field (top right of your screen). The website also offers a list of Books & Papers which are key sources of further information on Farming Systems Research.

This website is dedicated to Farming Systems Research in a western context (focusing on Europe). If you are interested in FSR as applied in the Global South, we recommend the Digital Collection by the University of Florida, where you can search and download a large number of papers and publications.


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Symposia by IFSA and related Associations

The next European IFSA Symposium will take place in 2016 at the Harper Adams University in Newport (UK). Further details will be on-line in early 2015. The 2018 European IFSA Symposium is planned to take place in Chania (Greece).

The 5th International Symposium for Farming Systems Design will be held in Montpellier, 7-10 September 2015. The theme of the Symposium is "Multifuntional farming systems in a changing world". The research focus of the Farming Systems Design (FSD) community is the farm system level, the interactions and feedbacks at lower and higher levels of integration and the tools and methods required for understanding and implementing multi-functional farming systems expressing good trade-offs between agricultural production and ecosystem services.

The XXVIth Congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS) will be held in Aberdeen (UK) from 18-21 August 2015. The congress theme is: "Places of possibility? Rural societies in a neoliberal world"

The 22nd European Seminar on Extension and Education (ESEE) will be held in Wageningen (The Netherlands) from 28 April till 1 May 2015. The conference theme is: "Competence and excellence in extension and education" (call for proposals and conference website)

The first Humid Tropics Integrated Systems Conference, with the theme "The role of systems research in sustainable intensification" will take place at IITA in Ibadan (Nigeria), 7-10 October 2014.

The 14th EAAE Conference on "Agri-food and rural innovations for healthier societies" will be held 26-29 August 2014 in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

International Encounters: "Family Farming and Research" to be held 1-3 June 2014 at Agropolis International in Montpellier (France)

2nd Workshop on Systems Innovation towards Sustainable Agriculture will be held 22-23 May 2014 in Paris (France)

The Xth Congress of the Brasilian Society for Production Systems (SBSP) will be held 14-17 May 2014 in Foz do Iguacu (Brazil).

The 3rd Conference on Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems will be held 4-8 May 2014 in Montpellier (France)

The 11th European IFSA Symposium took place 1-4 April 2014 at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. The overall theme is "Farming Systems facing global challenges - capacities and strategies". Go the the Website for the IFSA 2014 for the detailed information.

The 21st European Seminar on Extension Education (ESEE) was held 2-6 September 2013 in Antalya (Turkey)

The 4th International Symposium for Farming Systems Design was held 19-22 August 2013 in Lanzhou, China. Its theme was: Sustainable intensification of agriculture: Systems research helping to meet the needs and managing the trade-offs in a challenging world.

The 2012 European IFSA Symposium took place at Aarhus University in Denmark, from 1 to 4 July. The theme was: "Producing and reproducing farming systems: New modes of organisation for the sustainable food systems of tomorrow".
Website for the IFSA 2012, with all the detailed information!

The Southern and Eastern African Association for Farming Systems Research-Extension (SEAAFSRE) held its 11th regional conference on 19-21 Nov. 2012 in Pretoria, South Africa. Its theme was: ‘Innovation System Perspective in Agriculture and Rural Development for smallholder farmers


2014: International Year of Family Farming

In December 2011, the UN General Assembly declared 2014 to be the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF).

Among its initiatives for the International Year, FAO is planning to publish a major study on family farming and agricultural innovation systems (AIS) in 2014 as part of its State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA) series.

For further information, see the FAO Website on Agricultural Innovation in Family Farming Conceptual document in favour of Family Farming

The European Commission held a conference on 29 Nov. 2013 in Brussels, on Family farming: A dialogue towards more sustainable and resilient farming in Europe and the world. You can find a comprehensive documentation on the conference website! Proceedings