The bi-annual Symposia of the IFSA Europe Group

The main activity of the IFSA Europe Group is the organisation of the biannual European Symposium. These symposia are a platform for dialogue between scientists and practitioners from a wide range of theoretical background and methodological focus. Although predominantly focusing on European farming systems, non-European participation is encouraged as this adds contrasts and comparisons of mutual benefit and helps to ensure scientific rigour and quality.
So far, following Euroean IFSA Symposia have been organised in the following places and dates (see 'Proceedings' in the menu on the left, for more details):

    • 4th European IFSA Symposium: "European farming and rural systems research and extension into the next millenium: Environmental, agricultural and socio-economic issues" held in Volos (Greece) on 2-7 April 2000.
    • 3rd European IFSA Symposium: "Rural and Farming Systems Analyses - Environmental Perspectives" held in Hohenheim (Germany) on 25-27 March 1998.
    • 2nd European IFSA Symposium: "Technical and Social Systems Approaches for Sustainable Rural Development" held in Granada (Spain) in 1996.
    • 1st European IFSA Symposium: "European perspectives of Farming Systems" held in Edinburg (UK) in 1994.