Theme 5: Sustainable agrifood systems, value chains and power structures

Convenors: Ika Darnhofer, Eelke Wielinga, Giuseppe Feola, Ann Waters-Bayer


Antier, Clémentine; Timothée Petel, Philippe V. Baret. Creating the conditions for a transition towards more sustainable farming systems: a participatory approach with prospective scenarios

Ashraf, Saleem. Myths of intermediaries’ in citrus supply chain in Pakistan

Belmin, Raphael; François Casabianca. The key role of Geographical Indications in the governance of ‘terroir niches’. Insights from three Corsican case studies

Biely, Katharina; Steven Van Passel. Power imbalances in the Belgian sugar beet market: employing systems thinking for a supply chain analysis

Biely, Katharina; Susanne von Münchhausen, Steven van Passel. Vertical integration as future strategy to increase value absorption of primary producers: the Belgian sugar beet and the German rapeseed case

Bombaj, Florjan; Dominique Barjolle, François Casabianca, Theodosia Anthopoulou. How does decentralization of pasture management affect the local communities? Evolution and perspectives from Southeast Albania

Boulay, Annabelle; Richard Pope. The impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on Cretan landscape and rural livelihood

Chance, Quentin; Ronan Le Velly, Frédéric Goulet. How to influence the change in scale of organic agriculture when you are not in the driver's seat? The case of the French National Federation of Organic Farming

Czekaj, Marta; Ewa Tyran, Sandra Sumane, Barbu Raluca Ioana. Exploring the diverse connections between small farms and food consumption: case studies from Poland, Romania and Latvia

De Herde, Véronique; Philippe V. Baret. Alternative trajectories of dairy farmers reveal their embeddedness in the mainstream dairying and articulation with structural dynamics

de Porras Acuna, Miguel Angel; Sylvain Quiédeville. Food systems and farmers’ bargaining power: The case of 'Unfair Trade Practices' in the EU

Delanoue, Elsa; Anne-Charlotte Dockès, Christine Roguet. Livestock farming systems and society: identification and analysis of key controversies from the perspective of different stakeholders

El Bilali, Hamid; Michael Hauser, Maria Wurzinger, Andreas Melcher, Lorenz Probst. Power and politics in agri-food sustainability transitions

Fadina, Roland; Dominique Barjolle. Geographical indications to enhance the value chain of agricultural and agri-food products in Benin: Sugar loaf pineapple and Wagashi case

Filippini, Rosalia; Sylvie Lardon, Tiziana Sabbatini, Elisa Marraccini. Quality labels as drivers of periurban livestock farming resilience

Floquet, Anne. Which pathways for thriving tuber value chains in West Africa

Fournier, Stéphane; Blandine Arvis, Fanny Michaud. Localized AgriFood Systems dynamics and Geographical Indications as ways to reinforce food systems’ sustainability? Case studies in Mongolia and Peru

Grivins, Mikelis; Anda Adamsone-Fiskovica, Talis Tisenkopfs. Strategies farmers use to shape supply chain: a comparative analysis of dairy and grain farmers in Latvia

Grivins, Mikelis; Martin Hvarregaard Thorsøe, Damian Maye, Pierre-Marie Aubert. Lending to a farmer: a comparative analysis of frames banks use to interpret agriculture

Heinisch, Claire. New local food systems in the Andes and their contribution to recognition of peasantries: the case of community baskets and citizen markets in the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador

Home, Robert; Hervé Bouagnimbeck, Roberto Ugas, Markus Arbenz, Matthias Stolze. Participatory guarantee systems: organic certification to empower farmers and strengthen communities

Karanikolas, Pavlos; Teresa Pinto Correia, Victor Martinez-Gomez, Francesca Galli, Paola Andrea Hernandez, Laura Fastelli, Laura Arnalte-Mur, Maria Rivera Mendez, Paolo Prosperi, Giannis Goussios. Food system integration of olive oil producing small farms: a comparative study of four Mediterranean regions

Lacombe, Nicolas; François Casabianca. By-products from raising small ruminants: an analysis based on the “baskets of goods” theory – A comparative study of Corsica, Sardinia and Morocco

Lelièvre, Agnès; Paola Clérino. Developing a tool to evaluate the sustainability of intra-urban farms

Lievens, Eewoud; Isabelle Bonjean, Adam Dabrowski, Francesca Minarelli, Krzysztof Gorlach, Meri Raggi, Piotr Nowak, Davide Viaggi, Erik Mathijs. Cooperatives adapting to market conditions: insights from a comparative study of apple and pear farming in Poland, Italy and Belgium

Madelrieux, Sophie; Agnès Bergeret, Laurent Fillion. Forms of territorial embeddedness in dairy value chains. Case of the Chartreuse massif (French Alps): geographical and historical perspectives

Maye, Damian; James Kirwan, Hannah Chiswell, Mauro Vigani, José Muñoz-Rojas, Erik Mathijs, Isabelle Bonjean, Martin Hvarregaard Thorsøe, Egon Noe, Susanne von Münchausen, Mikelis Grivins, Pierre-Marie Aubert, Piotr Nowak, Francesca Minarelli. Farmer strategies to manage market uncertainty: commodity-level analysis and critique

Millet, Morgane; François Casabianca. Protected Designation of Origin and spatial justice. Insights from Ossau-Iraty (French Pyrenees) and Brocciu (Corsica Island)

Moraine, Marc; Sarah Lumbroso, Xavier Poux. Transforming agri-food systems for Agroecology development: exploring conditions of success in European case studies

Muñoz-Rojas, José; Fabio Bartolini, Damian Maye, Susanne von Münchausen, Egon Noe, Teresa Pinto-Correia, Martin. H. Thorsoe, Danielle Vergamini. The role of territorial conditions in influencing the sustainability of farming systems and strategies across Europe: a comparative analysis

Nowak, Piotr; Krzysztof Gorlach, Adam D?browski, Anna Witowska. Various strategies for different sectors and regions concerning agricultural production; The case of apples in Malopolska (Poland)

Nyfeler-Brunner, Aurelia; Daniel Baumgartner, Gérard Gaillard, Sarah Hofmann. On farm level acting in order to mitigate climate change with help of a points-based system

Nyokabi, Simon; Simon Oosting, Bockline Bebe, Lisette Phelan, Bernard Bett, Johanna Lindahl, Imke de Boer. The Kenyan dairy sector: stakeholder roles and relationships, and their impact on milk quality

Oehen, Bernadette; Claudia Meier, Philipp Holzherr, Iris Förster. Strategies to valorise agrobiodiversity

Oehen, Bernadette; Heidrun Moschitz. More than wheat – the market potential of currently underutilised cereal crops

Pinto Correia, Teresa; Alejandro Guarín, Karlheinz Knickel, Sergio Godinho, María Rivera Méndez, Stefano Grando, Gianluca Brunori. Assessing small farms’ role in the food systems at regional level: insights from a territorial approach

Quinones-Ruiz, Xiomara; Hanna Forster, Andrea Marescotti, Marianne Penker, Giovanni Belletti, Silvia Scaramuzzi, Kristina Broscha, Christine Altenbuchner. Are geographical indications heading towards more environment-friendly product specifications? An analysis of PDO-PGI amendments in the fruit and vegetable sector

Reznik Rocha, Rafaela. Resilience of smallholder farmers: a SWOT analysis in rural Italy

Scaramuzzi, Silvia; Giovanni Belletti, Paola Biagioni. Integrated supply-chain projects and multifunctional local development: The creation of a Perfumes Valley in Tuscany

Scaramuzzi, Silvia; Sara Gabellini. Floriculture and Floral Design. New high added-value markets and innovative origin-based qualification strategies for a sustainable revival of the Tuscan floriculture system

Schäfer, Martina; Bettina König, Jana Zscheischler. The role of cooperation for sustainability innovations in the agriculture and food sector

Simeone, Luigi; Luca Bartoli, Marcello De Rosa. Collective (family) human capital and transition towards multifunctional agriculture in localized agrifood systems

Stojanovic, Zaklina; Radmila Dragutinovic-Mitrovic, Irena Jankovic, Bojan Ristic. Food chain structure, price and risk management strategies - insights from the Serbian raspberry case study

Szabó, Dorottya; Anikó Juhász, Katalin Olga Kujáni. Evaluation of farmers’ markets from the organisers’, producers’ and consumers’ perspective in Hungary

Tisenkopfs, Talis; Sandra Sumane, Anda Adamsone-Fiskovica, Mikelis Grivins. Territorial fitting of small farms

Trachsel, Sonja; Isabel Jaisli, Emilia Schmitt. Finding and analysing social hotspots in a global food value chain as a basis for livelihood improvement

Vandecandelaere, Emilie; Catherine Teyssier, Dominique Barjolle, Stéphane Fournier, Philippe Jeanneaux, Olivier Beucherie. Economic impacts of Geographical Indications: Worldwide evidences from 9 case studies

Vergamini, Daniele; George Vlahos, Paolo Prosperi, Fabio Bartolini, Gianluca Brunori. Exploring the path of wine sustainability in isolated and limited production systems. A comparative analysis between two islands, Elba (Italy) and Santorini (Greece)

von Münchhausen, Susanne; Tanja Möllmann, Piotr Nowak. Increasing costs for land use challenge the international competitiveness of European arable farming – lessons learned from SUFISA case studies in three different areas

Wielinga, Eelke; Peter Paree. Assessing healthy food chains