WS 4.1. Boosting research outputs: novel approached for integrating research translation with interactive co-innovation

This workshop was convened by Paul Newell Price, Frits Van Evert, Nicole Koendeink, Jan Top and Julie Ingram.


J.-P. Cahier, P. Brébion, P. Salembier and J. Gobert. Viewpoints-based method and tools in territorial participatory design.

J. Ingram, P. Gaskell, J. Mills, J. Dwyer and P. de Wolf. Inserting co-innovation into research translation: experiences from the VALERIE project.

D. Kindred, R. Sylvester-Bradley, S. Clarke, S. Roques, I. Smillie and P. Berry. Agronômics - an arena for synergy between the science and practice of crop production.

N. Salliou, C. Barnaud and C. Monteil. Co-innovating in agroecology: integrating stakeholders' perceptions of using natural enemies and landscape complexity for biological control into the research and innovation process.

D. Stilmant and D. Jamar. Lessons learned from the implementation of three different research postures within a participatory research framework.


WS 4.2. ICT to help on participatory approaches for the agroecological transition of agriculture

This workshop was convened by Jacques-Eric Bergez, Vincent Soulignac, François Pinet and Julie Gobert.


K. Dehnen-Schmutz, G. Foster, L. Owen and S. Persello. From citizens' to farmers' science: are smartphone technologies a useful tool in participatory agricultural research?

M. Lazzaro, P. Bàrberi, G. Calabrò, E. Toli and Y. Ioannidis. The Horizon 2020 CAPSELLA project: Collective Awareness platformS for environmentally-sound Land management based on data technoLogies and Agrobiodiversity.

C. Lundström, J. Lindblom, M. Ljung and A. Jonsson. Sustainability as a governing principle in the use of agricultural decision support systems: The case of CropSAT

V. Soulignac, F. Pinet, M. Vallas and J.-L. Ermine. Experiments on the use of knowledge management tools for agriculture.

F. Sousa, G. Nicolay and R. Home. Dissemination and implementation of agricultural innovations using videos on mobile phones in Mali.