WS 3.1. Soil management: facilitating on-farm mitigation and adaptation

This workshop was convenend by Julie Ingramm, Sandra Nauman and Jan Verhagen.

J. Bijttebier, G. Ruysschaert, F. Marchand, R. Hijbeek, A. Pronk, N. Schlatter, G.  Guzmán, A. Syp, M. Werner, L.  Bechini, N. Guiffant, N. and E. Wauters. Assessing farmers’ intention to adopt soil conservation practices across Europe.

R. Hijbeek, A.A. Pronk, H. ten Berge, M. van Ittersum, G. Ruysschaert and J. Verhagen. Barriers to adopting best management practices aiming at soil fertility and GHG mitigation across dairy farmers in The Netherlands.

J. Ingram and J. Mills. Management practices to enhance soil carbon: using stakeholder consultation to evaluate credibility, salience and legitimacy of information.

J. Reid. Achieving improved soil management on-farm – insights from a New Zealand case study.

A. Frelih-Larsen, S. Naumann and E. Dooley. Soil carbon management for climate change mitigation and adaptation: framing and integrating the
issue in the evolving policy environment.


WS 3.2. Agroforestry research and practice in Europe

This workshop was convened by Dirk Freese, Pierluigi Paris, M. R. Mosquera-Losada and Paul Burgess. 

S. Keutmann and P. Grundmann. Decision-Making Factors for Agrowood Cultivation- A Qualitative Research for Brandenburg/Germany.

J. Björklund, K. Eksvärd and C. Schaffer. Assessing ecosystem services in perennial intercropping systems – participatory action research in Swedish modern agroforestry.

M.R. Mosquera-Losada, A. Rigueiro-Rodríguez and N. Ferreiro-Domínguez. Effect of liming and organic fertilisation on soil organic matter in a silvopastoral system under Populus x canadensis Moench.

P. Paris, S. Bergante, L. Tosi, G. Minotta, M. Biason, M. Ventura and
G. Facciotto. Innovative Alley coppice Systems-mixing timber and bioenergy woody crops: 7 years growth and ecophysiological results in experimental plots in northern Italy, Po Valley.


WS 3.3. Designing Cropping Systems for Adaption to Climate Change

This workshop was convened by Thomas Döring, Frank Ellmer, Ralf Bloch and Johann Bachinger.

S. Stein and H.-H. Steinmann. The situation of current crop rotations in Northern Germany: risks and chances for future farming systems.

M. Strer, N. Svoboda and A. Herrmann. Yield 2050: Risks and opportunities for the German agriculture - A modelling approach.

G. Feola, A. M. Lerner, M. Jain, M. J. F.Montefrio and K. A. Nicholas. Farmer responses to multiple stresses in the face of global change: Assessing five case studies to enhance adaptation.

N. Schaller, C. Villien, P. Claquin and J. Vert. Agriculture, forest, climate: the road to new adaptation strategies in France (the AFClim foresight).

A. Boundia Thiombiano and Quang Bao Le. Support building resilient smallholder farms to climate change: I. Livelihood profile and nutrient management in the Loba province, Burkina Faso.

J. Klepatzki, T.F. Döring, J. Macholdt and F. Ellmer. Evaluation of maize varieties in a changing climate: on-farm vs. experimental stations.