WS 4.1 ‘Civic food networks’ as driver for sustainable food and farming systems

This workshop was convened byChris Kjeldsen, Markus Schermer and Henk Renting.  

F. Bedoin and T. Kristensen. Communication of farm-based qualities from farmer to consumer: case studies of Danish beef chains. 

A. Cardona. Territorial agri-food systems: relinking farming to local and environmental stakes to change farming systems.

X.S. Fernández, D.C. Rodriguez, L. Rodriguez, L.D. Garcia and P. Swagemakers. Co-producing cultural coherency: impact and potentials of civic food networks in Spain. 

D.M. Johson and J.C. Hanson. Achieving Sustainability through Local Food Systems in the United States.

C. Kjeldsen and M. H. Thorsøe.Filling a blank space: A study on the emergence of food communitites (Fødevarefællesskaber) within the Danish foodscape.

J. Lutz and J. Schachinger. Consumer-initiated alternative food networks – Speiselokal!

R. Milestad and S. Kummer. Does growth hurt? Resilience of farms in growing local organic food networks.

M. Ostrom and r. Jussaume. Reframing Food: Understanding Trends in Consumer Food Purchasing and Implications for Agri-food Movement Mobilization in the Northwestern U.S. 

K. Ostrowski. Unwrapping The Northern Sea cheese - Enacting place in the Danish dairy food sector.

G. Martino and R. Pampanini. Exploring the role of consumers as drivers of agri-food networks: contexts, beliefs, and governance.

M. Schermer. Changing Consumer-Producer Relations in Austria.

F. Sousa, C. Aguiar and D. Aveiro. Mirandesa meat PDO: The strategies of family-farm systems for their governance. 

M. Vaarst and E. González-Garcia. The concept of food sovereignty to European Food Systems: importance, practical possibilities and challenges.