WS 3.1. Farming systems' adaptation to climate change

This workshop was convened by Dr. Thomas Aenis, Dr. Andrea Knierim, Prof. Dr. Otto Kaufmann, Prof. Dr. Jutta Zeitz, Prof. Dr. Frank Ellmer and Dr. Johannes Bachinger.

Synthesis of discussion

B. Nettier, L. Dobremez, P. Lamarque, C. Evailleau, F. Quétier, F. Véron and S. Lavorel. How would Farmers in the French Alps Adapt their Systems to Different Drought and Socio-economic Context Scenarios? 

C. Pomeroy and A. Aljofre. Conservation Agriculture as a Strategy to Cope with Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Nampula, Mozambique.

E. Neethling, C. Coulon, G. Barbeau, V. Courtin, C Bonnefoy and H. Quénol. Viticultural strategies to adapt to climate change: Temporal and spatial changes in land use and crop practices.

O.E. Fapojuwo, J.E. Olawoye and E. Fabusoro. Soil Conservation techniques for climate change adaptation among arable crop farmers in southwest nigeria.

H. Morales Grosskopf, D. Bartaburu, F. Dieguez, P. Bommel and J.F. Tourrand. Local Knowledge, Agents and Models for the adaptation to climatic variability of livestock farmers in Uruguay.

L. Delsalle, R. Perez, B. Dedieu, N. Girard, G. Hang, G. Larrañaga and D. Magda. Adaptive strategies of cattle livestock farmers facing multiple uncertainties in a district of the Argentinian pampa.

M. Sautier, G. Martin, R. Martin-Clouaire, M. Piquet and M. Duru. Participatory design of livestock systems adapted to new climatic conditions.

M.A. Osman, V. Alary, A. Aboul-Naga, F. Hassan, E.S. Abdel-Aal, H.R. Metawi and J.F. Tourrand. Adaptation process of farming systems in response to 14 successive years of drought in North West Coastal Zone (Egypt).

N. Givá and N. Sriskandarajaha. Farming Systems within Protected Areas and dealing with drought and elephant invasion: Climate change challenges in Limpopo National Park, Mozambique.

R. Bloch and J. Bachinger. Assessing the Vulnerability of Organic Farming Systems - A Case Study from the Federal State of Brandenburg, Germany.

S. Siart, R. Bloch, A. Knierim and J. Bachinger. Development of Agricultural Innovations in Organic Agriculture to adapt to Climate Change – Results from a Transdisciplinary R&D Project in North-eastern Germany.

WS 3.2 Succession in farming and new forms of business operations-systemic understandings and new approaches to farming transitions

This workshop was convened by Dr. Ruth Nettle. 

Ph. Jeanneaux and H. Blasquiet-Revol. Localised Agro-Food Systems in France and Dairy Farms performances.

R.A. Nettle. Farmers growing farmers: The role of employment practices in reproducing dairy farming in Australia.

D. Parent. Social isolation among young farmers in Quebec, Canada.

V. Rioufol and P. Volz. Civic initiatives on Access to Land for Local, Sustainable Farmers in Western Europe.

M. Santhanam-Martin and R.A. Nettle. Community sustainability implications in an Australian dairy region.

M. Terrier, S. Madelrieux and B. Dedieu. Understanding the diversity of farm pathways as a co-evolution between the family organization and the farming system.

WS 3.3 Restructuring family farm’s mode of action

This workshop was convened by Christina Micheloni and John E. Hermansen.

G. Bongers, L. Jassogne, I. Wanyama, A. Nibasumba, D. Mukasa and P. van Asten. Understanding and exploring the evolution of coffee-banana farming systems in Uganda.

M. Capitaine, A. Garnier, F. Pervanchon, Y. Chabin, N. Bletterie, B. de Torcy, H. de Framond and P. Jeanneaux. PerfEA: A methodological framework to help farm managers to build and manage a sustainable strategy in a participative way.

S. Cournut, H. Rapey, M.O. Nozières, R. Poccard-Chapuis, C. Corniaux, J.P. Choisis, J. Ryschawy and S. Madelrieux. Dynamics of livestock farming in extensive livestock farming territories: what processes are going on? 

F. Dieguez and J.-F. Tourrand. Why they do what that they do? A study of purposes and strategic rules of Uruguayan’s extensive beef farmers.

M.N. Oliveira, B. Triomphe, N. Cialdella and S. Ingrand. What are the strategies and steps to build-up a dairy system in a harsh environment? The case of smallholder dairy farmers of Unaí – Brazil. 

A.F. Pulido, P. Gaspar, F.J. Mesias, A.J. Escribano and A. Rodriguez de Ledesma. The traditional extensive free range pig farm: a sustainable or an endangered production system.

V. Wood and D. Gibbon. How family farms in the Shropshire Hills AONB 1 are adapting to agricultural change.