Building sustainable rural futures. The added value of systems approaches in times of change and uncertainty

The Proceedings of the 9th European IFSA Symposium (held in Vienna, Austria) were edited by Ika Darnhofer and Michaela Grötzer and published in 2010 by the Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna (ISBN 978-3-200-01908-9). The proceedings comprise a total of 235 full papers that were presented in one of the 26 workshops which were grouped around 5 themes. The papers have undergone a review process before being included in the proceedings.
Coverpage of the Proceedings

You can download the full papers by clicking on the workshops below, or browsing through the themes via the menu on the left.

Some pictures of the IFSA 2010

Some of the papers presented at the IFSA 2010 have been published, e.g.:

Artur Cristovao and Alex Koutsouris were guest editors of a Special Issue of the Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension 17(1) with 7 papers presented in WS 1.1 - Innovation and change facilitation for rural development (editorial).

Ana Marta-Costa and Emiliana Silva have edited a book based on the papers presented in WS 2.1: Methods and procedures for building sustainable farming systems, which was published by Springer in 2012.



Workhops in Theme 1: Knowledge systems, learning and collective action
WS 1.1 - Innovation and change facilitation for rural development
WS 1.2 - Care farming: Challenges and innovations in agriculture and social care
WS 1.3 - Reaching the unreached
WS 1.4 - Design methods, system approaches and co-innovation
WS 1.5 - Transdisciplinarity as a framework for integrating science and stakeholders
WS 1.6 - Learning from and with local experts
WS 1.7 - Virtual realities and the future of distance learning in rural areas
WS 1.8 - Knowledge systems, innovations and social learning in organic farming

Workshops in Theme 2: Transition, resilience and adaptive management
WS 2.1 - Methods and procedures for building sustianable farming systems
WS 2.2 - Narratives of interdisciplinary studies of farm system sustainability
WS 2.3 - Family farming under pressure. Reassessing options for liveability and permanence
WS 2.4 - Farming's realtion to unconscious systems: Pictures, images and symbols
WS 2.5 - Adaptive management in subsistence agriculture

Workshops in Theme 3: Energy production, CO2 sink and climate change
WS 3.1 - Climate change: Agriculture, food security and human health
WS 3.2 - Addressing climate change in the food chain
WS 3.3 - Sustainable biofuel production in developing countries
WS 3.4 - Promoting the discovery of alternative futures by reframing  communication

Workshops in Theme 4: Sustainable food systems
WS 4.1 - Mountain food products: A special system of provision
WS 4.2 - Localised and sustainable agri-food systems in times of rural changes
WS 4.3 - Fair and regional: New trends in organic and sustainable food systems
WS 4.4 - Transitions towards sustainable agriculture: From farmers to agro-food systems
WS 4.5 - Animal welfare: Education, labelling, action

Workshops in Theme 5: Landscape and rural land use
WS 5.1 - Designing sustainable landscapes
WS 5.2 - Landscape and tourism: New models and practices
WS 5.3 - Systems approach in technology-oriented farming system design
WS 5.4 - Education in landscape and territory agronomy

Some pictures of the IFSA 2010