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Links to past international IFSA Symposia

2002 - 17th International Symposium of the IFSA "Small farms in an ever-changing world: meeting the challenge of sustainable livelihoods and food security in diverse rural communities" held 17-20 November 2002 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida (USA)

2003 - 1st Australian Farming Systems Conference: "Farming Systems in the Future", held 7-10 Sept. 2003 in Toowoomba (QLD, Australia)

2005 - 18th International Symposium of the IFSA: "Farming Systems and Poverty: Making a difference" a Global Learning Opportunty organised with FAO and IFAD, held 31 Oct - 4 Nov. 2005 in Rome (Italy)



Links to relevant Associations and Websites

Various organisations involved in Farming Systems Research

CFSRS China Farming Systems Research Society

CACFSN China Association of Conservation Farming Systems Network

PDFSR Project Directorate for Farming Systems Research in Modipuram, India

IFSA Document repository (Documents by P. Hildebrand at the University of Florida)


Related Associations and Organisations in Europe

EAAP European Federation of Animal Sciences

ERSA European Regional Science Association

ESA European Society for Agronomy

ESEE European Society for Ecological Economics

ESRS European Society for Rural Sociology

STEPS Centre Social, Technological and Environmental Pathways to Sustainability


Related Associations world wide

CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (see also this page)

GFAR Global Forum on Agricultural Research

FAC Future Agricultures Consortium

The New Agriculturalist