Welcome in Vienna!

The 9th European IFSA Symposium will take place at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna (exact location: Peter Jordan Strasse 82, 1190 Vienna, see Google Maps).
Download a map with the buildings in which the IFSA 2010 will be held.

To find the best public transport connection between two street addresses in Vienna, I recommend the VOR website (it not only tells you which tram/bus/underground to take, but also generates nice detailed maps in pdf-files of the starting and end point, as well as any interchange).

Please visit the website of the Wiener Linien to see which public transport ticket is most appropriate for your needs. Be aware that most tickets need to be punched before the first ride you take. In Vienna there is no ticket control upon boarding any public transport (tram, bus, underground), but controllers more or less regularly patrol the busses etc. and ask you to show your valid ticket. You can also buy your ticket on-line!

Here some information on how to get from the airport to the city centre and from there to the BOKU

For the public transport connections between the recommended hotels and the venue of the IFSA Symposium (the BOKU Univ.), download the info from the page on 'accomodation'

Some suggestions on what to do with children in Vienna.


From the airport to the city centre

The Vienna International Airport is located slightly outside of Vienna, in a town called Schwechat. It takes roughly 30-45 minutes to get from the airport to Vienna city centre, but of course this depends on traffic (if you take a taxi) or on how long you need to wait for the next train to leave. There are several ways to get from the airport to the city: Taxi, CAT-Train, regular train, busses (download a pdf with all the information).

The cost is approx. 40€ if you book a taxi at the ATS counter in the arrival hall. The price will depend on where you go in Vienna. Please buy the ticket at the counter and ask for a fixed-price taxi, that way you worry about traffic.
If you step outside the airport building and take one of the taxis there, there is chance this will be a Taxi from Schwechat and you are likely to pay much more for the ride to Vienna (approx. 55€, I am not sure whether they offer fixed price).
You might also want to pre-order a taxi (e.g. Taxi Wien or C&K Airport service). You will give them your name and arrival time, and the taxi driver will be waiting for you in the arrival hall. There is also a fixed price (between 25,50€ and 31€, depending on the district you want to go). Another taxi company (Taxi 60160) offers a similar service, their fixed price is 33€ for all destinations in Vienna. Please always make sure to request the fixed price rate.

The trains leave from an underground station in the airport and go until the centre of Vienna (the stop is called “Wien Mitte” for the trains, and “Landstrasse” for the underground (U3 and U4)… I have no idea why the same station has two names… sorry for the confusion). The station “Wien Mitte” is just undergoing massive reconstruction, so do not be surprised that it looks a bit provisory).
The City Airport Train (CAT) is probably the fastest way to get to town (16 minutes, a non-stop ride). You can buy the tickets ahead of time on their website (9€ for single fare, 16€ for return) or buy it at the airport before boarding the train. The CAT leaves every 30 min. from the airport, i.e. at 5 minutes and 35 minutes past the hour (e.g. 6:05, 6:35, 7:05 etc.). The CAT leaves “Wien Mitte” for the airport at 8 minutes and 38 minutes past the hour.
The 'regular' train
is the cheapest way to get to Vienna (3,6€ one-way, which includes the ride from Wien Mitte to anywhere in Vienna using public transport). The ‘S7’ and takes some 33 minutes from the airport to the “Wien Mitte” (with 7 stops in between) and also leaves every 30 min. from the airport, i.e. at 18 and 48 past the hour. (= a good option if you just missed the CAT and don’t want to wait till the next one!). The S7 leaves “Wien Mitte” for the airport at 17 and 47 past the hour (on platform 4). You should buy the ticket at one of the vending machines on the platform before boarding the train (they are touch-screens, and an English language menu is offered to guide you through the options).

The buses are mostly relevant for those people who arrive at the airport and want to transfer to one of the main train stations in Vienna. A single fare costs 6 €.


Sightseeing in Vienna

Vienna is well known for its architecture, museums and classical music. Here are some links to general informations about Vienna that will give you an overview of what the city has to offer (and that's plenty!):
Website of the Vienna Tourist Board
Map of restaurants at the heart of Vienna
More that Sisi, Sachertorte and St. Stephen's
Maps of the city of Vienna (locate any address within Vienna)
Public transport inquiry (gerates a map with detailed information how to get from one place to another in Vienna (and its surroundings), just type in the street address)
Weather in Vienna
Vienna Airport And for your vacation before/after the IFSA 2010 symposium:
Holiday on farms
Mountains at 1.5 hrs by train from Vienna 


BOKU - Univ. of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences

The Symposium will be hosted by the Department of Sustainable Agricultural Systems of the BOKU University.

The BOKU was founded in 1872 and has currently approx. 9000 students. At the Türkenschanze location, where the Symposium will be held, the focus of teaching and research is on agricultural sciences, forestry, wood technology, and landscape architecture and conservation.

Green Meeting

We are doing our best to reduce the Symposiums’ impact on the environment, e.g. by avoiding the use of plastic cups and paper plates, reducing the use of paper, recycling paper, glass, metals, avoiding the use of plastic bottles and incorporating organic and local foods into the conference menu. By the way: the BOKU is EMAS-certified (EU eco-management and audit scheme)!

As Vienna has an excellent public transportation public transportation system, all participants are invited to use it.